The addition of veggies gives the traditional egg and bacon sandwich a tasty twist and
it’s so easy to prepare.

MAKES 4 rolls | Preparation time: 20minutes

۴ Portuguese or seeded wholewheat rolls
۱ roll or tub of bacon spread

۴ cos lettuce leaves
۲ hard-boiled eggs, halved
salt and pepper
۶۰ ml (¼ c) mayonnaise
۴ ham slices or cooked baconrashers
۴ gherkins, sliced (optional)
۱ red and/or yellow pepper,roasted and cut into pieces

۱ Cut the rolls in half. Using a sharp knife, hollow out the bottom half of each roll, leaving a 5 mm edge.
۲ Spread the hollow and top half of each roll with ham or bacon spread.
۳ Put a lettuce leaf in each hollow, followed by half an egg. Season with salt and pepper and spoon a little mayonnaise over. Arrange the ham or bacon, gherkins (if using) and peppers on top and cover with the top half of the roll.
۴ Secure each roll with a length of butcher’s
string as if wrapping a parcel.
۵ Place the rolls on a cutting board and place another cutting board on top. Weigh down the board with a few cans of food to press the filling into the rolls. Pack into a lunch bag and chill until ready for lunch.

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